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EndyMax EU, s.r.o. - professional workforce since 2011

Company Profile

Endymax EU s.r.o. is recruitment agency that is specialized in offering job opportunities,workforce leasing, and full employment service. Especially employment service requires from companies to be quick, flexible and reliable due to sudden changes in the global market. Mother companies are therefore relieved from economical, administrative and staff workload.

Our Priorities

  • to provide enough staff according to current demand from our clients
  • to take full responsibility for provided staff such as – their qualification, accommodation, transportation and legal aspects
  • to constantly improve working conditions for employees and therefore have a competitive advantage


We have an official license for employment given by Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic and license for employment in Germany. Our business activity is noted also as Agency of Temporary Employment.

Where do we operate?

The main focus is given on countries, where these services are in high demand. Our priority countries include Germany, France, and Slovak Republic.

Why Endymax EU?

Our company is offering Professional approach when discussing payment possibilities for specific employees, where both interests are taken into consideration. We can find consensus with an emphasizes on the profitability of offered services, Professional approach and qualification of our employees.

We are closely collaborating with one of the biggest recruitment agencies XAWAX s.r.o.


  • Metzka Gmbh. Germany
  • Striedinger personaldienste, Germany
  • 2GI International France, France
  • Canam France, France
  • Clément Olivier, France
  • La-Carne s.r.o., Slovakia
  • Xawax s.r.o. Slovakia
  • Mikula - fruits and vegetables, Slovakia
  • BIA Plastic and Plating technology Slovakia s.r.o., Slovakia


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